A behind the scenes look at what we are up to and who we've been working with.



Steak is our passion, you may have noticed. On the look out for a premier British beef farm, we came across Highland Wagyu who are on a mission to produce the best beef in the world and we haven't looked back. With pedigree Wagyu and Angus cattle who reside on a stunning Perthshire farm enjoying a pampered way of life, the resulting beef from Highland Wagyu is extraordinarily tender with exquisite flavour and something we are very proud to share.

We really have to resist having Wagyu in every dish on the menu. We swap it around from time to time to add a bit of variety, from Wagyu Angus Rump to Wagyu Fat popcorn, we've played about to the extreme. But the creation we are most proud of is our Wagyu Angus burger, its a signature dish.

Fresh and fun. We talk to the farm all the time to see what's new. Fresh and fun. We talk to the farm all the time to see what's new. Recently we've been trialling Full Blood Wagyu burgers which sold out on their debut weekend.



A London Dry Gin distilled in small batches in London, how could we say no. A firm favourite of ours since the early days, Little Bird's refined yet provocative taste is smoother than most gins with light citrusy notes that compliment the unique blend of botanicals.

Little Bird London Dry Gin is inspired by the glamour of the 1940s. When Vargas girls decorated the planes that brought our boys safely home, cockney sparrows flew wild in London and Gin became elegant and sophisticated. On every bottle, Little Bird's pin up girl 'Ginger' is there to bring good luck.

Keep it simple. The perfect 35ml serve with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic and a fresh wedge of pink grapefruit.